Walker Farm

About this Location

Walker Farm in Barrington is part of the Hundred Acre Cove estuary (identified in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s North American Waterfowl Management Plan) in upper Narragansett Bay. The marsh lies to the east of Route 114, the Wampanoag Trail. This 16-acre marsh includes salt marsh meadow, open water, mudflats, brackish marsh, and Phragmites australis. Today, the majority of the Walker Farm salt marsh is contained within the Osamequin Nature Sanctuary, owned by the Town of Barrington. The remaining section of the marsh is adjacent to the Town of Barrington’s leaf composting area and community gardens. The southern tidal restriction is privately owned by an abutting landowner.

Content from A Comprehensive Plan to Restore Water Quality in Hundred Acre Cove