Lawton Farm

Lawton Farm

Seven Mile Road Hope, Rhode Island 02831

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From Scituate Avenue (RI-12), head south on Seven Mile Road .6-mile to the Lawton Farm entrance sign on the west (right) side of the road. Follow the dirt entrance road to the end for parking and access to the trailhead.

Trail: From the parking lot, head west and then north around a small field to the first stream crossing. Cross the stream over rocks and head west along the south edge of the field. As you approach the edge of a woodland, turn right and follow the trail along the westerly edge of the field. Keep an eye out for some nice American beech trees on your left (or you can follow the trail into the woodland for a .5-mile loop). You will walk gradually uphill for about 700 feet. At the northwesterly edge of the field, turn right and walk along the northerly edge of the field. You will walk past old stone walls and some nice Eastern red cedar trees and Black walnut. Walk to the second stream crossing, over a culvert, and then continue on the trail to the northwestern corner of the front hayfield. Turn east (left) and follow the trail parallel with Seven Mile Road, back to the parking lot along the dirt entrance road.

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