Cornish Town Forest (270 Acres)

Cornish Town Forest (270 Acres)

Cornish, New Hampshire 03745

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About this Location

The Cornish Town Forest supports a small and diverse example of a rich mesic forest. The community begins immediately at the trailhead. The tree canopy consists of a mix of sugar maple, basswood, hemlock, beech, white ash, red maple, and yellow birch. Underneath, plants such as maidenhair fern, wild leek, hepatica, Christmas fern, Goldie’s fern, blue cohosh, zigzag goldenrod, wood nettle, and wide-leaved sedges blanket the hillside. The rich forest plants drop out before the first trail junction. The rest of the trail passes through less diverse, hemlock-dominated hemlock, beech, oak, and pine forest.

While only containing a small patch of a rich mesic forest, this site provides an excellent opportunity to easily see many of that community’s characteristic plant species. Visit in late April or early May to see spring ephemeral wildflowers.

Note: The soil is loose on the steep slope and the footing can be rough. Please be careful and only walk on the marked trail.

Directions: From Claremont, take NH-120 about 5 miles north to Jackson Road in Cornish. Go left on Jackson Road for about 3 miles to Tandy Brook Road. Go left for about .75 mile on Tandy Brook Road and park at the trailhead pullover on the right.

Notable Trails

The TrailFinder website has a description and map of a hike at the Cornish Town Forest.

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