Mt. Ord--lower (Maricopa Co.)

Mt. Ord--lower (Maricopa Co.)

Tonto National Forest Rio Verde, Arizona 85263

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Located in the Mazatzal Mountains off of AZ-87, Mount Ord is the easiest transition zone forest habitat to access in Maricopa County. This amazing mountain area offers birders limited habitat and bird specialties of higher elevations within the county. Birding has good potential and possibilities here in all seasons, as the mountain road to the summit of Mount Ord starts off by going through the upper Sonoran habitat (chaparral, juniper) and continues up to transition zone forests (ponderosa pine, oak) that reach up to 7100 feet at the top. Maricopa County is limited on Mount Ord, as the majority of the area is in Gila County. However, a great amount of habitat is still in Maricopa County at every elevation this area has to offer.

Mount Ord is a mountain summit located in the Tonto National Forest on the northeastern edge of Maricopa County, Arizona in the Mazatzal mountain range. Its height is 7,128 feet. The county line dividing Maricopa County, Arizona and Gila County, Arizona passes across the summit of the peak.

The top of Mount Ord is home to a collection of communications towers. The mountain is popular with birdwatchers because its geography and habitat attract a concentration of all of the species of mountain warbler birds that exist in Arizona, including the Virginia's, Black-throated Gray, Grace's, Olive, and Painted Redstart, the only location in central Arizona where these conditions exist.


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Last updated February 12, 2023