Picture Lake, Pocasset

Picture Lake, Pocasset

Pocasset, Massachusetts 02559

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This quiet freshwater pond provides a great on-the-water destination amidst Pocasset’s quaint, quiet neighborhoods. A long, sandy shoreline with a parking lot along Old County Road provides a place to relax on a beach chair or a bench beneath the shade of tall trees. Families will find great swimming and wading in these warm, shallow waters.

An additional small beach area on the north side of the lake, off Williams Avenue, provides a pleasantly secluded getaway, but has no parking area. You can launch a canoe or kayak from either of these public access areas and fish or take in views of shorelines lined with trees and houses as you paddle Picture Lake’s calm waters.

Though Picture Lake is a popular swimming spot, it is subject to seasonal closures if runoff levels become too high. Follow all lakeside signage to keep up-to-date with closures, and do not swim if posted signage forbids it.

In the colder months, Picture Lake is a top spot for migratory birds, who come here to rest on its calm waters during their winter travels. Search for interesting-looking ducks like hooded mergansers, common eider, and large groups of scaup.

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