Ralph J. Perk Plaza

Ralph J. Perk Plaza

Reserve Square Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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About this Location

Designed by New York-based landscape architectural firm Thomas Balsley Associates and local firm McKnight Associates, this site is surrounded by more than 2,000 apartment residences, offices, and hotels. Located on East 12th Street between Chester and Walnut Avenues, Perk Park serves a diverse population in an area of downtown that had been lacking in well-functioning green space.

The park’s rebuilding (2012) has returned it to a vital gathering place that supports adjacent restaurants, encourages street-level retail, and provides an important amenity to serve nearby neighborhood residents, workers, and visitors.

LAND studio led all aspects of the project including the design, public art, fundraising, and construction management.

Perk Park is now state of the art and is positively impacting the downtown neighborhood. Unique seating, a forest of light wands, poetry, green space, and an eye-catching red trellis define this new public space.

Restrooms on site.

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