Middletown Valley Park (Kempenaar Valley)

Middletown Valley Park (Kempenaar Valley)

Middletown, Rhode Island 02842

About this Location

The Middletown Valley Park (formerly known as Kempenaar Valley) is a new, small park that is sequestered between a shopping center and a local neighborhood. Trees were recently (2018 & 2019) planted here to add to the park's charm. It is well maintained, open and airy.

This 45-acre open space was for many decades the site of Boulevard Nurseries before the Kempenaar family sold it to Middletown in 2004.

Saving this land as green space was a major collaborative effort. Now protected by a conservation easement held jointly by Aquidneck Land Trust (ALT), Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, and Newport, said Alex Churman, stewardship director of ALT, “The park is really a perfect example of multi-faceted conservation property.

“It has recreational use with the trails, but also protects the Bailey Brook watershed, which is part of the drinking supply,” he said. “It has grassland, trees, and wetland habitat for wildlife.”

Notable Trails

The Trailforks website has a description and map of trails at this park, now officially called Middletown Valley Park.

Content from Trailforks webpage and Article in Newport this week, Newport now