Maumee State Forest--Stewardship Trail

Maumee State Forest--Stewardship Trail

Swanton, Ohio 43558

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About this Location

A self-guided walking tour of The Stewardship Trail at Maumee State Forest will reveal many aspects of what forest management can accomplish. This area shows a variety of forest management techniques and how the implementation of these techniques has impacted the

While on The Stewardship Trail at Maumee State Forest, you may be surprised to learn that the trail you are walking along is actually a form of forest management. The trail is a network of fire lines or firebreaks put in place to help firefighters more easily contain a wildfire.

About Maumee State Forest

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Maumee State Forest is located 15 miles southwest of Toledo in northwestern Ohio and covers 3100 acres. The flat topography and natural features are a result of the Wisconsin glacier passing through this area about 18,000 years ago. This area, with its poorly drained soils ranging from fine yellow sand to dark muck soil, is known locally as the Oak Openings region.

Acquisition of land for Maumee State Forest began in 1946. In 1948, the first plantations were established on abandoned farm fields. By 1954, approximately 600 acres of old fields had been planted to red and white pine. A Windbreak Arboretum was established in 1990 to demonstrate tree and shrub species suitable for use in windbreak plantings.

The Maumee State Forest Windbreak Arboretum was established in 1990. This area is set aside for the purpose of evaluating tree and shrub species for their suitability for use in windbreaks. A variety of management and cultural techniques relative to windbreaks is also demonstrated at this site.

The Oak Openings Metropark lying northeast of Maumee State Forest has picnic areas and other day-use facilities.

Notable Trails

Self-Guided Walking Tour
1 mile, 30-minute easy hike
2 mile, 1-hour easy hike
Follow the yellow arrows
Open from dawn to dusk daily


  • Restrooms on site

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