Bicknell Brook Loop Trail and Colette Trail, Enfield

About this Location

The Bicknell Brook Loop Trail and the Colette Trail in Enfield, New Hampshire follow Bicknell Brook along its downstream course to Crystal Lake. From cascading waterfalls to open beaver wetlands to climax forests to a lake environment, these trails offer a wide range of habitat diversity. According to Alan Strickland, a primary player in their creation and maintenance, these connecting trails are especially unique because it is so unusual to find a major stream in New England that is still largely undeveloped. The Bicknell Brook Loop Trail and the Colette Trail allow the public to enjoy this small wonder along its 2.5 miles of relatively easy terrain.

The Colette trail was created as a memorial to Colette Drape, lover of the outdoors, Dartmouth graduate, and daughter of property owner Robert Drape. In 1991 at age 30, Colette was tragically killed in a car accident in France. The trail is a special memorial to a talented and passionate person. Thanks to the Town of Enfield, various owners of abutting property, and some private easement grantors who conserved portions of their land under the Upper Valley Land Trust, a permanent trail corridor has been established. As a result, Bicknell Brook will retain its natural beauty for generations of users into the future.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated November 8, 2023