Hoover Nature Preserve

Tips for Birding

Use the general hotspot for checklists of birds seen at various locations in the Hoover Nature Preserve. Whenever possible, please use more specific hotspot locations.

About Hoover Nature Preserve

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Access Areas with trails include Mud Hen Marsh, Ox Bow Road, Hoover Meadows, Dustin Road, Areas L, M, and N, and Clover Field.

  • over 925 acres
  • vital migratory stopover for over 33 different species of shorebirds
  • largest breeding population of state special concern Prothonotary Warblers in Ohio
  • 1,500-foot boardwalk at Area M
  • observation blind at Mud Hen Marsh
  • Bald Eagles frequently observed throughout the year


  • Restrooms on site