Lime Rock Preserve

About this Location

Ledges of dolomitic marble produce a special calcareous soil that nurtures 30 rare plant species – more than any other site in Rhode Island. Beautiful ferns and wildflowers grow along ridges of recrystallized limestone. In winter, look for animal tracks in the snow and learn to identify trees and shrubs by their silhouettes and buds. In fall, watch deciduous trees change color and walk along paths carpeted by bright orange and yellow leaves

Lime Rock’s unique and abundant plant life drew notable botanists for the last 100 years. Only 10 minutes from downtown Providence, the preserve forms an oasis of tranquility and an important refuge for wildlife in an area that is heavily impacted by development.

The preserve was created in 1986, thanks to landowners Dorothy and Raymond Houghton, the Plante Family, and the Wilbur Family. The Conklin Limestone Company donated mineral rights. Generous support from The Champlin Foundations and numerous individual donors made the protection of Lime Rock a success.

Notable Trails

The AllTrails website has a description and map of a trail at Lime Rock Preserve.

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