Lake Mosier

Tips for Birding

This is a shallow, old reservoir on the east side of CR-23, with a parking area and a gravel boat ramp at the entrance. (When the reservoir is dry, as it sometimes is in summer, one can drive down the ramp to the edge of the water, wherever that may be). There is a path around the top of the reservoir but with a scope, one can view the entire area from the west and south sides, from which the light is favorable except in the early morning.

In Fostoria, turn south on CR-23 at light near motel and restaurant complex along US-12 just southwest of town.

Open all year during daylight hours.

Parking is just off CR-23.

Birds of Interest

Frozen – nothing on the reservoir, but hawks and eagles sit atop nearby power poles.
Migrating ducks and some shorebirds.
Migrating shorebirds, sometimes in good numbers.
Migrating shorebirds, and ducks if there is water.

About this Location

Lake Mosier is an upground reservoir and is fed off stream by the East Branch Portage River in Hancock County, Ohio and is used for drinking water and recreation purposes. It was built in 1941. It has a normal surface area of 90.6 acres. It is owned by the City Of Fostoria.

Lake Mosier Upground Reservoir is of earthen construction. Its height is 25 feet with a length of 8125 feet. Its capacity is 1207 acre-feet. Normal storage is 740.4 acre-feet. It drains an area of 0.14 square miles.

About Fostoria Reservoirs

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The Fostoria reservoirs provide easy in and out birding for all six reservoirs. There is easy parking access for these tandem reservoirs. In some years, all three scoters and Long-tailed Ducks have been reported on these waters during migration. Given the ease of access and quick check ability, they are worth checking when you are in the area. You can walk around them easily and the woods offers some songbird birding.


  • Restrooms on site

Content from Ohio Ornithological Society and Vic Fazio