Holloman Lakes

Holloman Lakes

Important Bird Area Holloman AFB, New Mexico 88330

Holloman Lakes IBA

Birds of Interest

Birds of Interest An important shorebird area in the state and most important in the Tularosa Basin. It also provides a habitat for many ducks in migration and winter. Shorebirds (particularly Wilson’s Phalarope) in passage average 500 to 1000, while breeding Snowy Plover average 2 to 12.

About this Location

Holloman Lake and the adjoining wetlands are located at the southwest corner of Holloman Air Force Base. The water for this system is mainly wastewater from the airbase water treatment plant with sporadic contributions from rain. Holloman AFB decided to preserve an old sewage lagoon and to put in 3 or 4 dikes between it and Lake Holloman for a constructed wetland. Part of the effluent from the treatment plant is pumped into the lagoon and the treated wastewater flows from this lagoon to Holloman Lake through the constructed wetlands. Holloman AFB manages the entire area. Holloman has received a number of awards and other recognition for its wetland area protection and this is likely to guard its biological integrity.

Holloman Lake is about 55 miles northeast of Las Cruces on US-70. Turn left from US-70 3.8 miles northeast of the White Sands National Monument Headquarters onto a dirt road that goes north on the east edge of the playa.

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