Sandy Point (Rhode Island)

Sandy Point (Rhode Island)

Sandy Point Island Westerly, Rhode Island 02891

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Tips for Birding

The Sandy Point Preserve is on the Connecticut-Rhode Island border and has sections of the preserve--and eBird hotspots--in both states. Birders who carefully keep bird records by state should be aware of the location of the state line and use the appropriate eBird hotspot when submitting checklists. 

About this Location

Sandy Point Island is a beautiful 35-acre barrier island in Little Narragansett Bay, about 1.5 miles in length. Only the western tip is in CT and the remainder is in Rhode Island. Access is by water only and it is surrounded by shifting sand bars. It is managed as a wildlife refuge and since 2015 is actively monitored by USFWS as part of the National Refuge System.

It is a major spawning ground for Horseshoe crabs and it hosts nesting American Oystercatchers, Piping Plovers, and Least Terns, all protected species. Areas are roped off and closed to the public during nesting season. It is a significant migratory bird habitat as well. No dogs are allowed on the island. Permits are required during the summer season for usage and are obtained through the Stonington Community Center.

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