Heather Glen Park

Heather Glen Park

6000 Heather Glen Boulevard Dublin, Ohio 43016

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About this Location

Heather Glen Park is 18.5 acres and managed by the City of Dublin. It is located within the subdivision of Heather Glen and near Heather Bluff Estates. Parking is available in spaces along Heather Glen Boulevard, at the park’s western perimeter. On the north end of the park is a playground, and on the south end is a marshy pond that serves as a dragonfly conservation area and attracts a variety of birds, waterfowl, and amphibians. The west end of the park is primarily a large, open grassy area where birds can be spotted foraging on the ground. The east end of the park is a mature wooded area that contains a vernal pool and wetlands with a small boardwalk. Birds and wildflowers are easily spotted here. The west perimeter of the park contains a sidewalk and the north and east perimeters of the park contain a biking and walking trail.

No restroom facilities.

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