Green Hill Pond, S. Kingstown

Green Hill Pond, S. Kingstown

South Kingstown, Rhode Island 02879

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About this Location

Green Hill Pond is part of the Salt Ponds Region along Rhode Island’s southern shore. The pond is located between the communities of South Kingstown and Charlestown in Washington County. This coastal lagoon was formed and continuously reformed by the interaction of coastal processes such as erosion, sediment transport, and gradually rising sea levels. Waters rise and spill into depressions creating estuaries, and as sand accumulates it forms a beach barrier. The pond is connected to Ninigret Pond, another salt pond, by a small channel under Creek Bridge. Green Hill Pond also has inflowing tributaries such as Factory Brook and Teal Brook, two freshwater streams that enter the northwestern part of the pond. Teal Brook connects Green Hill Pond to Teal Pond via a small rock-lined channel. With access to many bodies of water and beachfront, Green Hill Pond is a vacationer’s paradise.

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