Huntington Hill WMA, Hanover

Huntington Hill WMA, Hanover

Hanover, New Hampshire 03755

About this Location

Huntington Hill Wildlife Management Area provides protected land for the majority of land within this block (approximately 420 acres). Expanding that protected area, especially if tied to protected land in the Lord’s Hill area, would increase wildlife habitat, and provide a longer corridor that could stretch to the Water Works Land.

678 Acres (with the block to the east, size increases to approximately 920 acres)

This block is split into two pieces by Goodfellow Road and Old Spencer Road. It is questionable whether the old road actually affects ecological processes that are more influenced by major paved roads. Huntington Hill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is managed for recreation, timber, and wildlife habitat currently, and has highly variable forest condition throughout. Semi-rich hemlock-beech-oak-pine forests are the dominant natural community, indicating common forest species with slight soil enrichment.

Forests and vegetation cover appear highly variable, with deciduous, mixed, and coniferous forest types. Slade Brook and its associated wetlands flow west to the Connecticut River.

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