Sara Lee Arnovitz Preserve

Tips for Birding

Wooden boardwalks are in place throughout the park. One of the viewing towers is currently closed due to hazardous conditions in the structure. The preserve has a marsh area, two creeks, and is hilly on the back of the property. Bridges allow you to cross the creeks. Birders can view a private corn field but are asked not to trespass. Also, one trail leads into private yards but this is easily recognized as private.

About this Location

The Sara Lee Arnovitz Nature Preserve is located just north of Xenia on Kinsey Road, past Xenia High School, near Woodland Drive. Here you’ll enjoy a pleasant stroll along a boardwalk path through a marsh of cattails, rushes, and thimbleweed. Crossing a bridge over Old Town Creek, you’ll enter a forest area of walnut, oak, and hickory. A lovely sanctuary for bird-watching, nature photography, or just a peaceful hike through a wetland ecosystem any time of year.

42-acre wetlands with boardwalk access, hiking, nature study, photography, and no facilities.


  • Restrooms on site

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