Lakeside Park

Tips for Birding

Lakeside Park is an urban oasis on the east side of Tucson. A small lake that is stocked with fish for urban fishing, it draws people and birds alike. I have seen osprey and a juvenile brown pelican here before. It is one of my favorite places to see spotted sandpipers in the winter and vermilion flycatchers year-round. The park itself is over 30 acres with 14 acres of water. There is a one-mile walking trail around the lake. Besides being a nice park, it is also an eBird Hotspot!

About this Location

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Ford is a retired Tucson Unified School District elementary school principal and a former Tucson Vice Mayor having served on the Tucson City Council for two terms in the 1980s. Chuck Ford Lakeside Park is managed by the City of Tucson.

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