Brickyard Pond

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The "Brickyard Pond" is now named Popolo Pond. The pond was developed when the property was the West Barnstable Brick Company.

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Located behind the Barnstable Land Trust (BLT) Conservation Center, the short trail offers views of the Great Marsh, Sandy Neck, and over Popolo Pond, making it an excellent spot for walking and birdwatching. This trail winds around Popolo Pond through marshy woodlands, with boardwalks through the wettest areas.

The land lies within the Sandy Neck-Barnstable Harbor Area of Critical Environmental Concern, abuts a Priority Habitat for Rare Species, and is located within a Critical Natural Landscape area and the Old Kings Highway Regional Historic District.

There is parking at 1540 Main Street, 10 spaces, available behind BLT Conservation Center (unless programming or an event is underway).

The Pogorelc Sanctuary was formerly known as Brick Factory Sanctuary as the area was at one time the West Barnstable Brick Company.

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