Grafton Pond, Grafton

About this Location

Grafton Pond is a 300+ acre lake with an almost entirely undeveloped shoreline. There are numerous bays and uninhabited islands to explore, offering excellent swimming, fishing, and wildlife-watching opportunities. A state-owned boat launch near the parking area offers the best spot for putting in your canoe or kayak (gas-powered motor boats are not permitted) to begin exploring. Loons often nest on this pond in spring and summer, so be sure to keep your distance from any nests and/or parents with young loons. No closer than 300’ is the recommended distance to be sure you are not harassing this threatened bird species. Moose have also been spotted enjoying the pond on quiet mornings. Pack a lunch and paddle out to enjoy it on one of the numerous flat rocks along the pristine shoreline.

Grafton Pond can be very busy on summer weekends, so you may want to try an early weekday morning for the sublimely peaceful experience that this wild pond can deliver. If you don’t have a canoe or kayak, there is also a short hike out to a point on the pond’s shore that begins about 500’ south of the parking area.

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