Maxwell Mays Audubon Refuge

Maxwell Mays Audubon Refuge

Audubon Society of Rhode Island 2082 Victory Highway Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

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About this Location

The Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge contains diverse and high-quality wildlife habitat consisting of upland forests, wetlands, streams, ponds and open meadow. The 11-acre Carr’s Pond, situated entirely within the bounds of the property, is the centerpiece of the preserve. It is home to river otters as well as many types of freshwater fish and aquatic invertebrates.

The land is comprised of a relatively mMaature and undisturbed closed-canopy forest and forested wetlands as well as developed understory – creating ideal conditions for migratory and forest interior birds. A 10-acre field near the head of the trail also provides excellent meadow wildlife habitat.
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Notable Trails

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island website has a map of the trails at Maxwell Mays Wildlife Refuge.