Martin Meadow Pond, Lancaster

Martin Meadow Pond, Lancaster

Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584

Martin Meadow Pond map

About this Location

Martin Meadow Pond is located in the Town of Lancaster, New Hampshire. It is a spring fed Pond, approximately 118 acres of irregular shape, with a major east-west axis of 3 km and a north-south axis of 0.5 km at the widest points. The deepest point is approximately 9 meters. It is surrounded by Mt. Orne, Mt. Pleasant, and Mt. Prospect to the north and east, which form the watershed for the Pond. The Presidential Range of the White Mountains lies at a distance to the southeast. The shoreline is all privately owned and populated by a number of seasonal residences.

The Pond was used by settlers in the early 1700’s as a source for hunting, fishing, and trapping. The Town History book talks about an early gold mine, somewhere in the area, which apparently never flourished.

We have a diverse fish and wildlife population, in and around the Pond. The State stocks the Pond annually with trout. There is a native population of bass, pickerel, and perch.

The pond hosts nesting pairs of Loon, Osprey, and Great Blue Heron. Occasionally, a Bald Eagle is spotted soaring high over the Pond. Beaver reside in a hut in the inlet and are often seen paddling along the shoreline to/from their “work”. Large game animals are often seen in the area: moose, black bear, deer, and wild turkey.

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