Woods Island State Park

Woods Island State Park

Saint Albans Bay Swanton, Vermont 05488

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One of three neighboring island parks in Lake Champlain’s “inland sea” (along with Burton Island and Knight Island), Woods Island became Vermont’s forty-fifth state park in 1985. Measuring one mile long and a quarter-mile wide, 125-acre Woods Island provides a unique habitat for a rich variety of plant life, including many species that are rare or threatened in Vermont. A portion of the island was once farmed; traces of drainage ditches remain today. Still visible also is the farmhouse foundation and weathered remains of old farm machinery. A later attempt by a private developer saw the beginnings of an airstrip constructed down the center of the island; the earth berms you climb over on the cross-island trail are the runway edges. The State of Vermont’s Department of Forest, Parks, and Recreation seeks to preserve the primitive character of the island and asks for your cooperation in observing its guidelines for island use.

There is no ferry service to the island and visitors must make their own arrangements. There are no docks; visitors must either beach their boat or anchor off. The beach tends to be fairly rocky, except for a point along the east shore, from which the walk to campsites is between one-quarter and three-quarters of a mile. There are two water taxi options, with USCG-licensed captains, operating from Grand Isle County.


  • Entrance fee

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

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Last updated October 17, 2023