Kent's Ledge

Kent's Ledge

Royalton, Vermont 05068

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Park in the town of South Royalton by the green. The post office, which faces the green and looks like an old train station, is a good place to start. Facing the post office from the green and looking to your right, you’ll see a red cement-brick building across the tracks called the Crossroads Bar and Grill.

Cross the train tracks so you’re in the dirt parking lot of the Crossroads. Walk around to the other side of it and in the corner of the lot to your right is a small footpath (and a few beams as a bridge across a small stream) that will take you up to Rainbow Street, which is a dirt road with a few houses on it. Take a right onto Rainbow Street and follow it up until you reach the metal gate.

Past the gate, there are a few municipal/mechanical buildings, and beyond those is a tunnel that goes under I-89. There is a chained gate, but also plenty of room for an adult with a backpack to get through. They only chain this off so that no one goes 4-wheeling up there!

Once through the tunnel, just follow the overgrown road, bypassing a small footpath to the left, until you reach the big pond. The trail goes off to the left or right here. Stay left and go up into the woods to get to Kent’s Ledge! Once in the woods, just keep going up the overgrown road, which turns into more of a “trail” as you keep going.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated October 8, 2023