Riley Bostwick WMA

Riley Bostwick WMA

Rochester, Vermont 05767

Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area guide and map

Birds of Interest

The diversity of hardwood and softwood forest types interspersed with herbaceous open areas provide habitat for numerous species of songbirds and raptors, such as Blackburnian warblers and goshawks. Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area provides a good opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts and bird watchers alike. Turkey and woodcock occur, and ruffed grouse are present, particularly where the land is managed for early-successional habitat.

About this Location

The 350-acre Riley Bostwick Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. It is located 1.5 miles east of the town of Rochester in Windsor County. The property consists of two parcels, one of which is bisected by the Bethel Mountain Road; the other, often referred to as “the mountain lot”, is adjacent to the south side of Mount Cushman Road. Various other town roads and legal trails provide access throughout the two parcels.

Logging roads and skid trails on the property offer numerous opportunities for the hiker, cross-country skier, or bird watcher. The designated “legal trail” on the mountain lot provides a trail for snowmobilers.

The terrain of Riley Bostwick WMA is typical of the eastern foothills of the Green Mountains, ranging from relatively flat fields to extremely steep, rough, stony land. The Bethel Mountain Road parcel is 250 acres in size, with 205 acres of forestland and 45 acres of herbaceous openings. Much of this parcel contains mature spruce and fir that provide some winter shelter to deer. The “mountain lot” is a separate second parcel of 100 acres; 89 acres are forested and 11 acres are open or semi-open. The lower portions of this parcel are managed for edge and aspen habitat for early-successional species such as ruffed grouse and woodcock. Nason Brook is the only major watercourse that flows through the property.

Almost all of the WMA is forested with a mix of red and sugar maple, yellow and paper birch, beech, white ash, aspen, white pine, red spruce, balsam fir, and hemlock. There are active hay fields, old fields, and scattered apple trees as well.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated October 8, 2023