Averys Gore WMA

Averys Gore WMA

Montgomery Center, Vermont 05471

Averys Gore Wildlife Management Area guide and map

Birds of Interest

Ruffed grouse occur and may be hunted in season. Also, present are deciduous forest songbirds such as the black-throated blue warbler, red-eyed vireo, downy and hairy woodpeckers, white-throated sparrow, and winter wren.

About this Location

Averys Gore Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located in the northern Vermont mountains in the town of Montgomery. The WMA is accessed from a parking area on the west side of VT-118 in Montgomery, near Highland Springs Road. Its 259 acres are forested with red and sugar maple, yellow birch, and beech. Averys Gore WMA is owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

The WMA borders Atlas Timberland Partnership lands which are open to public hunting, fishing, and trapping. These lands are owned and conserved by the Vermont Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy. The Partnership practices sustainable logging.

Averys Gore WMA is located on a gentle slope rising from the South Branch River. It is part of a much larger tract of forest that is partly owned by the Atlas Timberland Partnership. It is an upland environment, with a small wet area on the north end.

The WMA is comprised of a northern hardwood forest, with mature sugar maple, yellow birch, and beech dominating the overstory. Shrub layer plants include striped and mountain maple and witch hobble. Herbaceous plants common to northern hardwood forests are present, such as wood fern, hay-scented fern, Canada Mayflower, and sarsaparilla.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated December 3, 2023