Buenos Aires NWR--Headquarters Area

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Brochures and restrooms are available here from sunrise to sunset. The entry road to refuge headquarters is a good bet for finding mule deer early winter mornings or late afternoons. Pronghorn may be here or along Antelope Drive. Check the small pond on the entry road for wayward avocets during migration. Feeders at headquarters attract some of the common southwestern birds. Pens near the Visitor Center provide a look at secretive masked bobwhite and a grassland exhibit will help you identify over 20 species of grasses. Location: Mile 7, AZ-286.

About Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge

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Located in southern Arizona, Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge was established for the reintroduction of masked bobwhite quail and to restore the natural landscapes and native wildlife that depend upon it.

Spanning the 117,464-acre refuge are several distinct groups of plants and animals that are dependent on each other, also known as biotic communities. Visitors will enjoy the semi-desert grasslands that blend into the cottonwoods and willow that line river banks and wetlands within the refuge. Settled in amongst the grasslands and wetlands is a beautiful sycamore-shaded canyon of extraordinary diversity. Brown Canyon is home to 200-million-year-old volcanic rocks that support a distinct variety of plants and animals that have evolved within this amazing sky island ecosystem.

Established in 1985, the refuge was purchased under the authority of the Endangered Species Act. Open to the public, visitors can enjoy wildlife watching and photography, hunting, fishing, wildlife photography, and special wildlife-related events. It is one of more than 550 refuges that comprise the National Wildlife Refuge System, a national network of public lands and waters set aside for the benefit of wildlife and you!

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