Werk Road Property

Werk Road Property

Lischer Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

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About this Location

Located in Cincinnati’s Westwood neighborhood, this 22-acre park with a mowed path through a walnut grove is open daily from dawn to dusk. It was acquired by Great Parks of Hamilton County in August 2021 and opened to pedestrian access in April 2022. Great Parks purchased the former Gamble Estate in Westwood. The site provides significant ecological value in connecting a patchwork of habitats from the City of Cincinnati’s Mount Airy Forest, to greenspace along Mill Creek, south to Great Parks’ Embshoff Woods near the Ohio River.

There is no parking available on Werk Road but the property has multiple access points on other streets where there is street parking. It is a short distance from Gamble-Nippert YMCA and Westwood Library (where there is parking), and five schools such as Westwood Elementary and Dater Montessori. It is located on several Metro bus routes with the following closest stops:
Metro Rt. 6: 10-minute walk from Queen City Ave and Ferguson Road
Metro Rt. 21: 7-minute walk from Harrison Ave and Werk Road
Metro Rt. 51: 16-minute walk from Montana Ave and Epworth Ave
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No restroom facilities.