Whitehaven Memorial Park

Whitehaven Memorial Park

615 SOM Center Road Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

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About this Location

Whitehaven Memorial Park was chartered in 1928 and has been serving generations of families with dignity, honor, and respect ever since. Whitehaven is honored to have a rich heritage that is so closely connected with the village in which we reside.

In 1928, we were regarded as the “country” cemetery, a place people who wanted to be away from the city chose as their final resting place. Something remarkable has happened through the years. The park has been surrounded by the city. We now pride ourselves as the “country cemetery, with a heart located in the city.”

The story of Whitehaven begins in 1847, when a gentleman named Jacob Bennett brought his family from the county of Ontario, New York, to the town of Mayfield Village, Ohio.

The land that Whitehaven Memorial Park resides on was the family’s apple orchard. Surprisingly, there is not one apple tree left on the premises. Today, Bennett’s former home is located directly across the street from Whitehaven. The home was moved to its present location as a tribute to the heritage of the Bennett family. During the summer months, the home is open for public viewing.

No restroom facilities.

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