Leesville Lake Wildlife Area--Edgewood Rd.

About Leesville Lake Wildlife Area

Leesville Wildlife Area is located in Carroll County. Three separate parcels, totaling 394 acres, make up this wildlife area. Access to the public land is from OH-164, Delta Road, and Edgewood Road. Purchase of the land for this wildlife area began in 1944 and additional land was obtained as funds became available. Management work has included the planting of thousands of conifers, protection, and improvement of the woodlands, selection of areas that will be allowed to return to woodland through natural succession, clear-cuts on small blocks of older timber, and management of existing open fields, all to maintain habitat diversity. Hunting is the major recreational use of the area; sightseeing, hiking, fishing, nature study, and bird watching are the other popular recreational uses.

There are additional hotspots on Leesville Lake outside of the wildlife area:
Leesville Lake
Leesville Lake--Autumn Rd. (view from roadside only)
Leesville Lake--Bramble Rd. and Dove Rd. (view from roadside only)
Leesville Lake--Rockwood Park (restricted access)

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