New England BioLabs

About this Location

New England BioLabs (NEB) headquarters, located in Ipswich, lies on 160 acres of mixed forest, wetlands, and agricultural land, with public trails for hiking, skiing, bird-watching, and horseback riding. This provides a home for a vast array of wildlife species.

An internal email alert system called “The Nature Network” allows employees to share sightings of the diverse wildlife gracing the campus. This in turn led to three ongoing wildlife conservation efforts at NEB: a native bird nest box project, a glass window bird impact minimization project, and a turtle roadway assistance project. The NEB nest box project found its inspiration in the large number of bluebirds seen on the campus each spring. A network of maintained nest boxes is designed for attracting bluebirds, and also other native nesting birds, such as black-capped chickadees, wrens and tree swallows.

Content from New England BioLabs Social and Environmental Responsbility brochure