Freedom Town Forest--Trout Pond

Freedom Town Forest--Trout Pond

Freedom, New Hampshire 03836

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About this Location

Trout Pond is a 21-acre natural water body located in Freedom Town Forest. It is part of a 2,600-acre conservation area that protects the largest stratified drift aquifer in the state and provides habitat for diverse wildlife. The pond can be accessed by hiking the Jackman Ridge Trail, which has views of Mary's Mountain and Jackman's Ridge. 

About Freedom Town Forest

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The Freedom Town Forest is 2,661 acres of woods, fields, mountains, streams, and ponds.

Enter the Forest at one of three kiosks: Pequawket Trail, Jackman Ridge Trail, and Mary’s Mountain Trail.

Notable Trails

The AllTrails website has a description and map of a hike at Trout Pond.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated November 14, 2023