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Allegan State Game Area is mostly oak-pine and oak forest, except for the Farm Unit Wildlife Refuge. Otherwise, the property consists of both herbaceous and forested wetlands representative of more southern habitat types, and oak savanna. Please note that entry is forbidden into designated "wildlife refuge areas," so be aware of area maps and signage. Rustic campgrounds are located at Ely Lake Campground and Pine Point Campground. 

Nearly 50,000 acres of family fun. Pitch your tent beside a cold-running stream or deep-woods pond and relish in the tranquility that surrounds you. Two campgrounds with over 20 miles of hiking trails. Bird watchers can enjoy the spring and fall migrations of waterfowl, warblers, and many other species. There are canoe routes, much of which pass through country little changed from the days when it was home to the Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Chippewa Indians. Now offer the Allegan County Equestrian Trail System (ETS), a 60-mile network of designated trails that allows equestrians to ride horses through the State Game Area on designated trails. The ETS consists of two separate trail networks. The largest trail network, consisting of almost 30 miles of trails, is connected to the popular Silver Creek Equestrian Park and Campground, which is located near Hamilton. Silver Creek Park has both day-riding and overnight camping opportunities. The other trail network connects Ely Lake and Pine Point campgrounds and is approximately 29 miles in length. Both Ely Lake and Pine Point have day ride parking areas and, beginning this year, will also feature overnight equestrian campsites.

Content from Allegan State Game Area Official Website and A Birder's Guide To Michigan by Allen T Chatier and Jerry Ziarno