Worden Pond

Worden Pond

South Kingstown, Rhode Island 02879

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This access site on the south shore of Worden Pond has a small dock, a cement plank boat ramp, and a large gravel parking lot. In addition to simply providing access to the pond, it can be the takeout for a paddle down the Chipuxet River from Route 138. You can also start at this access site and paddle along the south shore of Worden Pond and then up the west shore until you come to the start of the Pawcatuck River, which winds through a beautiful hardwood swamp before joining the Usquepaug a little above Biscuit City Landing. In the summer months, be prepared for a fair amount of poison ivy along the first section of the Pawcatuck River. Poison ivy is less of an issue in the spring and the fall. On this section of the river you will also encounter downed trees across the river. Many will have a gap cut in them wide enough to let a canoe or kayak squeeze through. However, there may be some recent blowdowns that require you to get out of your boat and lift it over or carry it around the tree.

Worden Pond is large but quite shallow and can get quite choppy when the afternoon southwest breeze kicks in, or simply if the day turns windy. Pay attention to the forecast and don’t paddle to the expected downwind side of the pond if a breeze is forecast to develop unless you fancy a long hard paddle home against the wind and waves.

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