Kenyon College Campus

About this Location

The Kenyon experience is inextricably linked to the beauty of the College’s location.

The sense of well-being that pervades this community-the sense of living in a charmed realm-stems not only from the loveliness of the campus itself but also from the surrounding hills, farmland, and forest. Landscape and river offer views that please the eye and nourish the spirit. It is virtually impossible to imagine Kenyon without those views.

The College cannot take its setting for granted, however. Growth and development are changing the landscape of the entire Mount Vernon area. It is imperative that Kenyon act, as necessary, to preserve the surroundings it so cherishes. In recent years, the College has added to its contiguous land holdings as opportunities arose and funds became available. Now, more than ever, Kenyon needs the resources to continue this practice, even to expand it.

Content from Philander Chase Conservancy webpage