Bayshore Fishing Access

Bayshore Fishing Access

4867 Bayshore Road Oregon, Ohio 43616

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Tips for Birding

Enormous numbers of waterfowl often congregate in Maumee Bay in late fall and early spring. As many as 50,000 Lesser Scaup have been tallied, along with thousands of Canvasbacks and Common Mergansers. Bayshore Fishing Access is the best place to get a view of birds on the eastern side of the bay. This access is also close to the warm water release outlet from the nearby power plant, which keeps an open water area in winter. A footpath heads west from the parking lot and the brushy thickets in this area are always good for checking for migrant songbirds. At the path’s end, the discharge channel from the power plant is visible. Black-crowned Night-Herons often overwinter here and can be seen roosting in shrubs along the waterway.

Bayshore Fishing Access is a stop on the Lake Erie Birding Trail.

About this Location

The 8.2-acre Bayshore Fishing Access in Oregon includes a single-lane boat ramp, a short dock, and trailer parking. Fishing is permitted from the dock and adjacent shore areas. Fishing is also permitted along the Driftmeyer Ditch, which was relocated in 2013 through the western portion of the access site as part of the Oregon Flood Relief and Erosion Control Project. Additional fishing is available to the west near a warm water discharge. This fishing spot is accessible via a nearly 2,600-foot long trail that starts at the parking lot and wraps around the Driftmeyer and Heckman ditches. A sign on the west side of the lot marks the trailhead. Handicapped restrooms are also available on site.
From Lake Erie Public Access Guide

Restroom on site.