Pine Hill Park--Sauers Farm

Pine Hill Park--Sauers Farm

US-224 Greenwich, Ohio 44837

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About this Location

Sauers Farm is one of two distinct sections at Pine Hill Park. This 99-acre park features more than three miles of trails that wind through a mixture of habitats. There are about 25 acres of hardwood forest, with a deep ravine and meandering creek. Visitors will also find 25 acres of mixed young forest and thickets, song birds and the highest butterfly population in the park district. There is another 25 acres of prairie grasses and wildflowers.

About Pine Hill Park

Crall Woods is on the south side of US-224, and Sauers Farm is on the north side of the highway.

The Sauers Family originally acquired this farm in the 1930s and it was known throughout the area as Pine Hill because of the pine trees that lined the adjacent roads. Many of these pine trees still exist. While a substantial portion of the old farmstead is currently being naturalized, a portion will also be managed as a farm to showcase our agricultural heritage.

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