Scott Bog Rd., Pittsburg

Scott Bog Rd., Pittsburg

Pittsburg, New Hampshire 03592

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Tips for Birding

This boreal wetland is easily covered in conjunction with the East Inlet area. To reach the bog, follow East Inlet Road eastward from US-3. After crossing the bridge, take a left at the ‘T’ intersection (taking a right would bring you to East Inlet). This road follows Scott Brook for a while. Between 0.5 and 0.9 miles from the intersection, you will pass an alder swale along the brook. This area is particularly good for some local state nesters including Wilson’s Warbler and Lincoln’s Sparrow. Continue northward. About 2.1 miles from the East Inlet Road ‘T’, there is an unsigned junction. Stay left, and within a quarter-mile turn left onto the road signed “boat launch”. The short stretch between here and the bog can be good for Philadelphia Vireo and other interesting species. You will shortly cross a bridge over the brook and reach a fork. Taking a right will immediately dump you at the boat launch from which you can scan the bog. Look for Common Loon, American Bittern, Ring-necked Duck, Common and Hooded Mergansers, and Belted Kingfisher in the wetland and perhaps Olive-sided Flycatcher or Lincoln’s Sparrow along the edge.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

Last updated November 21, 2023