Paul Bofinger WMA Boat Launch, Dummer

About this Location

Twenty-four acres of Bofinger WMA are in shrub and young forest, mostly of alder, aspen, and birch. Most of the remainder is in hay or corn; farmed by a local farmer in cooperation with the Department. The property also contains boat access to the Androscoggin River.

The shrub and young forest habitat are actively managed for American woodcock. Other common wildlife includes deer, bear, ruffed grouse, migratory waterfowl, and songbirds associated with shrublands such as chestnut-sided warblers.

Bofinger WMA doubles as a boat access facility for the Androscoggin River. There are seasonal restroom facilities available.

Bofinger WMA is located approximately one-half mile north of the Milan town line on NH-16. Ample parking is available at the boat launch.

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