Corn Hill Beach, Truro

Corn Hill Beach, Truro

Truro, Massachusetts 02666

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Long and narrow beach. Boats. Families and adults. Parking is generally plentiful. Beautiful views. Generally calm and warm waters. Lots of sand to sit on. Can see to Provincetown. Bike rack. Attendants on duty. Disabled access. Lots of parking.

This long, narrow sandy beach borders the low-running, crabgrass-covered sand dunes, just north of Pamet Harbor on Cape Cod Bay. From this picturesque beach, you will see boats heading in and out of the harbor. The shallow, sloping bay floor and the typically calm, warmer waters provide the ideal environment for families with small children or senior adults. Wade along the warm inlets that flow behind the beach for a more secluded change of pace. Corn Hill, the historic location where the Pilgrims found a stash of corn that had been buried by the Native Americans who resided in the area at the time.

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