Little Chauncy Area

About this Location

Little Chauncy Pond is a 45-acre Great Pond located just north of Lake Chauncy off of Lyman Street in Northborough. The depth of Little Chauncy Pond is an average of 7 feet and a maximum of 15 feet. Little Chauncy is bordered by a golf course to the northwest and by the Wayne F. MacCallum Wildlife Management Area (formerly Westborough WMA) elsewhere.

MassWildlife manages a small dirt ramp and 5 car dirt parking lot accessed via a dirt road off of Lyman Street. The dirt ramp is suitable for small trailered boats and canoes only. The parking area and access road can become quite muddy during rainy periods in the spring. Shore access is available in areas adjacent to the ramp and along the southern shore which lies within the Wildlife Management Area.

Content from Little Chauncy Pond information sheet and map