Rio Fernando Wetlands (Fred Baca Park and adjacent Rio Fernando Park)

Rio Fernando Wetlands (Fred Baca Park and adjacent Rio Fernando Park)

Taos, New Mexico 87571

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The Rio Fernando Wetlands are a combined area totaling about 30 acres on the southwest side of Taos, not far from the center of town. Town of Taos-owned Fred Baca Park and Taos Land Trust-owned Rio Fernando Park, make up the popular eBird hotspot.

In 2015 the Taos Land Trust, a conservation organization, purchased the former Romo Farm, 20 acres in the heart of Taos. Abandoned for 30-some years, the farm was a mess of weeds, barbed wire, and trash. The river had worn into channels that failed to slow the healthy flow of water. Invasive plants thrived. Over the past four years, the land trust, its partners, and teams of volunteers have carefully restored the land, returning the river to its natural course and re-growing the wetlands.

The area is not all wetlands. In the Rio Fernando Park section, there are sections of upland fields and forests that are also rich with birdlife. On the Fred Baca side, a large public park surrounds the wetlands section on three sides. Large cottonwood trees along the perimeter of the park often host hawks and owls. The wetlands on the Fred Baca side are best seen via a boardwalk and two viewing platforms.

Rio Fernando Park hosts both a half-mile loop trail around the entire park and a quarter-mile wetlands trail that traces the edge of the wetlands.

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