Deering Wildlife Sanctuary

Deering Wildlife Sanctuary

Audubon Society of New Hampshire Deering, New Hampshire 03244

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About this Location

Deering Sanctuary is an Audubon Society property consisting of about 500 acres. It is managed to encourage wildlife and has a great network of trails for exploring the varied terrain.

As is the case with much of New Hampshire, this area was once used for agriculture. Testifying to this history, you will spot many stone walls and cellar holes as you amble about the paths. The remains of an old apple orchard provide food for the deer that frequent the preserve. Other animals in the sanctuary include porcupines and foxes.

The 36-acre Black Fox Pond is an artificial pond created by the damming of Smith Brook. The shoreline is totally undeveloped and you can see signs of beaver and otter activity. Otter signs are more likely to be evident in winter when they create slides in the snow and leave tracks across the frozen pond.

Bird nesting boxes have been erected around the pond and in the more open parts of the property to encourage species like bluebirds, great crested flycatchers, and wood ducks. In the orchards, you may spot scarlet tanagers or indigo buntings since they like to nest in this type of habitat.

The ground cover in the spring and summer is a carpet of wildflowers; maiden pinks and starflowers jostle for space amongst the wood strawberry and meadowsweet, providing a perfect setting for butterflies and other nectar-loving insects.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

Content from Deering Wildlife Sanctuary brochure and map

Last updated October 20, 2023