Badger Lake WMA

About this Location

Important Bird Area.
1109 acres of winding oxbows on both sides of I-29 just north of Whiting Iowa. Parking spots are located on Cashew Ave, Buckley Ave, 150th, and off of K42. Best viewing is along 140th east of the interstate and on 150th. A good pdf download of a map of the area is available at: then click on Badger Lake
Take the Whiting exit, #120, off I-29. Follow county rd. K-42 west for about 100 yds then turn north on Cashew Avenue. Follow Cashew until you reach Buckley Ave and turn north (right) to 140th. Turn right and cross over the interstate. Viewing on your right. Other areas to view are along Buckley Ave and west on 145th and then to 150th going west. There are place to walk and view grassland and march species as well as lake viewing.
1/3 wetland and 2/3 upland. In seasdon: Waterfowl, Loggerhead Shrike, American Woodcock, American Bittern, Sedge and Marsh Wren along with many other species
This is a public hunting area.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Entrance fee