Five Tree Hill Country Park

Tips for Birding

The parking area for the tail at Five Tree Natural Area is on Sunset Hill Road. Follow this trail up through a forest of mixed pines, hemlocks, and northern hardwoods until you reach a slope with a regenerating forest with shrub cover topped by a dry oak ridge with magnificent views to the west. Bird diversity is similar to other like areas in Williston and, because of the rolling terrain with depressions, you may run across several vernal pools.

About this Location

Five Tree Hill is named after the grassy knoll at the end of the walking trail that was once marked by five sugar maple trees. The lookout provides beautiful views of Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks, and Brownell Mountain to the west, as well as the spine of the Green Mountains to the east. Five Tree Hill consists of 57 acres of forested land owned by the Town of Williston.

Notable Trails

The TrailFinder website has a description and map of a hike at Five Tree Hill Country Park.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

Content from Five Tree Hill Country Park brochure and map and Carl Runge, Green Mountain Audubon Society