Howland Township Park

Howland Township Park

2000 Rosegarden Warren, Ohio 44484

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Tips for Birding

Much of Howland Township Park’s 172 acres include typical city park facilities including playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, pavilions, and more. In the summer, the park can become busy. The main attractions for birders, however, are the boardwalk and wetland trail. These trails take you into great habitats which can be especially good in the spring and fall.

From East Market Street in Howland, head north on Rosegarden Drive Northeast or Clifton Avenue Northeast. Both roads dead end into the park. Open all year during daylight hours. Plenty of parking all over.

The two wetland trails at Howland Township Park were built on land on Mosquito Creek deeded to the township by the Mahoning River Consortium which had purchased it with Clean Ohio funds. Clean Ohio funds have also been used at various stages of the development of the trail system and boardwalks.

Access to the Boardwalk Trail (built in 2008) is at the southwest corner of Howland Township Park. From the park entrance, turn left and park along the road just before it turns to the right (north). Signs point the way to a dirt path that leads through the wetland to a raised 730-foot boardwalk which takes you over open water with the wetland on either side. The boardwalk is constructed of recycled plastic lumber. At its terminus stairs lead down into the wetland where often muddy trails enable you to explore further.

The original and more extensive wetland trail starts behind the pavilion at the northwest corner of the park. After a short distance, it crosses Anderson Avenue Northeast and continues for over a mile to North River Road. Anderson Avenue ends at a small complex that includes the dog pound. It is a good idea to walk out on Anderson Avenue toward the sound of barking and check the wetland on either side of the road before continuing on the wetland trail. With the exception of a small boardwalk, the trail is unpaved and normally wet and muddy in places; waterproof footwear is highly recommended.

Birds of Interest

Red-headed Woodpeckers and typical overwintering species.
Can be excellent for migrants including warblers and vireos.
Red-eyed and Warbling Vireos, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Great Crested Flycatchers, and other common nesting species of Ohio.
Fall migrants such as warblers, vireos, thrushes, kinglets, etc

About this Location

Howland Township Park encompasses 172 acres centrally located in the township. The park provides recreational areas for many family and sporting events throughout the year. The Howland Boardwalk Nature Trail is adjacent to the park and provides easy access to scenic walking trails.


  • Restrooms on site

Content from Official Website, Ohio Ornithological Society, and Carole Gobert