Chippewa Lake Park

Chippewa Lake Park

Medina, Ohio 44256

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Chippewa Lake Public Boat Ramp

Tips for Birding

Two eBird hotspots are located on Chippewa Lake.

The Krabill Lodge area provides access to Chippewa Lake. Park in the lodge parking lot and walk down to the lake on the trail between the woods and the edge of the agricultural field. This field hosts nesting Bobolinks in the summer. Watch for sparrows along the trail as they like to fly from the woods to the field. The woods can be a migrant trap, especially in the fall. It is helpful to carry a scope to the lake. You can view the lake from the picnic table at the lake edge. You can turn north into the woods for a better view of the north end of the lake. The trail turns left to the south toward a wetland area where Prothonotary Warblers have been seen.

The Chippewa Lake Boat Ramp is a good place to observe ducks and geese on Chippewa Lake. Park in the parking area near the boat ramp. A spotting scope is helpful. You can scope from the shore or, when the ramp is not busy, from the concrete access to the dock. This spot provides a view of almost all of the lake waters. During the spring and fall migration, it is worth checking the woodlot along the entry road and around the parking areas for songbirds.

There is no public access to Chippewa Lake in the communities of Chippewa Lake and Gloria Glens. While the lake may be viewed from public streets, parking near the lake is limited to residents.

Two nearby eBird hotspots, Chippewa Inlet Trail–South and the Chippewa Rail Trail, are worth exploring if you are visiting this area.

On the north end of Chippewa Lake is the southern terminus of the Chippewa Inlet Trail. This paved bike and hiking trail provides good views of birds in the marshland between Chippewa Lake and Buckeye Woods Park.

The Chippewa Rail Trail has a parking area on Chippewa Road .25 miles east of Lake Road in the Village of Chippewa Lake.

About this Location

Among the largest natural inland lakes in the State of Ohio, Chippewa Lake was created some 14,000 years ago by the melting of massive glacial ice sheets as they retreated north. Chippewa Lake has a long history of human habitation going back thousands of years when Native Americans visited the fertile wetlands and lake shores to hunt and trade. In recent history, the lake served as a playground for generations of visitors to the storied Chippewa Lake Amusement Park, which closed its doors in 1978 after 100 years.

The Medina County Park District purchased open land on the west side of the lake over a period of years. In 2007, the park district acquired the lake itself. Since then, the park district has opened Krabill Lodge, a reservable enclosed lodge off Ballash Road. Today the lake is open to the public, once again, with a public boat launch off Westfield Landing Road.

Utilizing available grants and mitigation banking, the park district has been able to fund the restoration of streams and wetlands north of the lake, which will improve water quality and enhance habitat for wildlife. Together these restoration projects help preserve this special natural resource for all to enjoy for generations to come.


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