East Fork Riparian Reserve

East Fork Riparian Reserve

Lynchburg, Ohio 45152

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Tips for Birding

The Clinton-Highland county line runs through the middle of the East Fork Riparian Reserve. The trails on the east side of the preserve are in Clinton County. The trails on the west side are in Highland County. See the map for the location of the county line.

The parking lot for the East Fork Riparian Reserve is located on Webertown Road in Clinton County. The trails in the east half of the reserve are in Clinton County. If you cross the stream and move to the trails in the west half of the reserve, please start a new checklist as these trails are in Highland County.

About this Location

East Fork Riparian Reserve, 70 acres, is located one mile east of the Oak Grove Road and Webertown Road intersection. There is a paved parking lot for 6 cars but no amenities. The reserve has 2.5 miles of hiking trails around a short grass prairie, tall grass prairie, and early successional flood plain.

Acres of wildflowers are dominant during the months of June through August. There are six distinct plant communities are represented in the park. Two wetlands were constructed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service during the summer of 2007. The USFWS provides the prairie seed to convert degraded farmland into permanent grassland.

There can be good fishing along the East Fork of the Little Miami River.


  • Restrooms on site

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