University of Toledo Campus

University of Toledo Campus

2801 West Bancroft Street Toledo, Ohio 43606

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Birds of Interest

While the University of Toledo campus may not be the pinnacle of Northwest Ohio birding, there are a few pleasant surprises for new and experienced collegiate and visiting birders. Along with a couple of small wood lots, open fields for grazing waterfowl and gulls (I’ve had Ross’s Goose here), and native rain gardens for breeding songbirds, the University of Toledo’s most notable ecological feature is the Ottawa River complex. The Ottawa River runs straight through the main campus, diving it in half, and offering good bird habitat in the process. From the waterfowl and wading birds that forage directly in the waterway to the migratory kinglets and warblers that glean the river’s surrounding trees, this destination offers great opportunities to observe a diverse assortment of bird life. Another staple of the campus is the nesting Peregrine Falcons. Since 2007, Peregrines have been nesting on the University Hall Bell Tower, and are commonly seen patrolling the campus year-round (this is most likely the only time a scope is needed).

About this Location

Due to the large number of students and required parking permits, parking can be tough for visitors. All visitors on campus are encouraged to purchase a guest permit ($5 per day). Guests may park in “C” lots in white-lined spaces.

Even though the campus may not produce the greatest number or variety of birds, the University of Toledo Campus as an eBird hotspot is an excellent and efficient way for college birders, experienced and brand-new, to stay active on campus and in the birding community.

Multiple public and handicap-accessible restroom areas in campus buildings.


  • Restrooms on site

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